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MyWednesdayFix: A Website For Comic Book Junkies

Posted on February 11, 2014 at 11:27 pm

For the past several months, I’ve been working on building, and it’s damn near close to being at v1.0.

I decided to build this site primarily to solve a simple problem — to provide a place to find an answer to the question “what new comic books came out this week?” Every Wednesday morning, the site is automatically updated with a list of the comics available in stores for the week. If nothing else I built this site for myself, so that each Wednesday, while I’m riding the train into DC, I can browse the new releases and get an idea of what I want to buy when I head to Big Planet after work.

I used the ComicVine API to get the list of releases for each week. The API is pretty straightforward and works well based on my experience. My only complaints are that it offers no way to filter by locale/country, so U.S. comic nerds like myself will sometimes see books in the list from Europe or Asia, and the sorting feature is weird in that there’s no way to sort alphabetically, which seems like the most common thing a consumer of the API would want to do.

In addition to listing new releases, MyWednesdayFix includes an archive of the books that came out each week for the past year, as well as a comic book store finder built using the Google Places API.
Once I’ve wrapped up the remaining TODOs on the site, my next step is to make MyWednesdayFix into an app for iOS and Android using PhoneGap.

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